You Must Know about International Fellowships 2022


WeClick4pdf. In this articles, we will talk about International Fellowships 2022. An American friend from the United States sent me a Fellowship for Americans and International Students. Since, the fellowship is not a scholarship. Scholarship is a scholarship. By its very nature, it includes financial support. Full support may be required. Partial support may be required.

Therefore, the fellowship does not include funding. This article discusses Fellowships that students in Myanmar can apply for. Before writing about Fellowships, I made a list of Fellowships sent by American friends and found a lot of them.

Here are some international fellowships for Myanmar students:

(1) Asia Global Fellows Program ( )

(2) Asia Journalism Fellowship ( )

(3) Jeanne Sauve ‘Public Leadership Program ( )

(4) Bluhm / Helfand Social Innovation Fellowship ( )

(5) First Generation Civil Rights Fellowship (FirstGEN) ( )

(6) Advanced Leadership Initiative ( )

(7) Westpac Research Fellowship ( scholarships / research-fellowship /)

(8) Open Society Presidential Fellowship ( grants / open-society-presidential-fellowship)

(9) Her Voice Fellowship ( )

  1. Bellagio Residency Program: Practitioners ( / Bellagio-center / residency-program /)

As mentioned, most of these fellowships are for Myanmar students. Some are dedicated to human rights; others are legal; Some are for media journalists. Most of them are general. So, In terms of scholarships, some fellowships offer full-time scholarships. Some give half. Some do not include financial support. However, there is a possibility that office space will be allowed. Here are some of the Fellowships: Fully Funded Fellowships

TheAsiaGlobal Fellows Program (2022 International Fellowships)

The Fellowship is administered directly by the Asia Global Institute (AGI), a Hong Kong-based group of research thinkers, and offers a 13-week study period at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The purpose of the scholarship is to produce future generations of international leaders with innovative ideas.

However, teaching during the study period. Senior government officials; Discussions with business people; Workshops; There are plans to visit manufacturing plants and other Asian cities outside of Hong Kong. Therefore, the applicants for the Asia Global Fellows Program will receive a monthly stipend to help with living costs; Accommodation; Roundtrip travel from home country; Site-visit travel expenses; You will receive insurance benefits. DetailsYou can visit or send an email to [email protected] .

Asia Journalism Fellowship

The Fellowship is a three-month seminar for Asian journalists in Singapore. During the Fellowship, journalists from various Asian countries will work with the Singaporean government, Private media outlets; Journalists Business community; Close exchanges with civil society; The right to meet. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to do research projects.

The program is sponsored by the Singapore-based Temasek Foundation International ( co-sponsored by Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, part of Nanyang Technological University until 2016.

Fellows will receive S $ 1,500 per month and round-trip airfare. Accommodation will be provided free of charge and research advisors will be provided to assist you during your stay.

Eligible applicants (2022 International Fellowships)

Eligible applicants must have at least five years of experience as a media journalist. Freelance journalists with at least five years of experience; Articles Writers are also included. People living in an Asian country Must be a citizen Must be able to speak and communicate in English.

Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation from the relevant media confirming their participation in the Fellowship in Singapore for three months. Records of awards as a journalist. For those who are interested in applying in the coming yearsFor more information, visit http: //www/ and send an email to [email protected] .

Jeanne Sauve ‘Public Leadership Program

The Jenne Sauve ‘Foundation, based in Montreal, offers scholarships to study at McGill University and Concordia in Montreal. The purpose of the scholarship is to share leadership ideas to address the major challenges facing the world.

Therefore, you must teach during the first year of the scholarship period (Year 1: Full-time, Residential Phase). We need to share leadership experiences. In the second year (Year 2: Part-time, Field Phase), you will return to your home country to practice practical leadership experience. Both the first year and After the second year, you will have a permanent relationship with the scholarship provider.

Therefore, Eligible candidates for the Jeanne Sauve ‘Public Leadership Program will receive a monthly living stipend during their first year of study in Canada, as well as free accommodation at The Sauve’ House. Therefore, the first year stipend covers all the expenses while living in Montreal.

However, the age limit is 25 to 30. Must be a graduate of any university. Must be proficient in English It would be better to have French He said. No scholarships for the second year. Above all, this is also the second year that I have to return to my home country and do some projects.

So, detailed information is available at public-leadership-program/. So, you can also send an email to [email protected] . Good luck to all Myanmar citizens applying for Fellowship.

Subjects (2022 International Fellowships)

However, you can apply for The Swedish Institute Study Scholarship (SISS) offered by the Swedish government for almost all subjects. Only five students from Myanmar received this year’s scholarship, and only one applied for Public Health, Global Health, Health Economics, Policy and Management. Since, young people from other subjects are expected to apply more.


Must have 3,000 hours of work experience. full time, part time, Volunteer work; This includes pre-employment training. The English language requirement is IELTS 6 or 5 depending on the program you are applying for. Usually IELTS 6. In conclusion, scholarships for 2018 must be applied for at the end of 2017, so take the time to read and prepare.

The first step is to apply

Since, the first step is to apply to a university and apply online. You do not need to submit any documents. So, you just need to fill out the application form. You must apply for the Program you want to apply for through The Web page provides instructions on how to apply, and those who want to apply will need to create a personal account. Therefore, there is no limit to the number of programs you can apply for, and you can choose from a wide range of programs.

The second step is to apply (2022 International Fellowships)

Since, only those who have passed the first stage will be able to apply for the second stage. The second step is to prepare the required documents and apply through the online application portal . The first step is to submit all the required documents according to the number of programs you have applied for. If you have applied for four programs in the first stage, you will need to prepare all four required documents, including a scholarship application, and apply for each program.

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