New changes and TOEFL test format


WeClick4pdf. In this articles, we will explain the new TOEFL test format. The Educational Testing Service (ETS), the world’s largest educational organization that organizes and directs the TOEFL test format, has announced that it will change from the paper-based test format used in Myanmar from the October 2017 TOEFL test series.

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) system, an English proficiency test system, has been used in Myanmar since 1992. Daw Yin Yin Nu, head of training at U Hla Bu Training School, a TOEFL training school in Rangoon, said that the format of examinations among teachers changes every year.

Although the question format of this year’s TOEFL exams will be changed from the previous Paper Based Test to the Revised Paper Based Test, it has been officially announced on social media from relevant training schools in Myanmar since August, but few students are aware of it.

The TOEFL test format will be changed to include Writing; There will be three sections on the Reading and Listening Proficiency Test, and the Structure and Written Expression (Grammar) included in Section 2 of the previous model will no longer be included, according to the TOEFL training schools.

“It is important not to fail the exam without knowing this change,” he said. Therefore, it is very important to warn the students who will meet for the first time in October,” said Yin Yin Nu.

TOEFL test

Currently, the TOEFL test is administered once a year in October; The tests are conducted three times in November and once in April, with a one-time fee of more than 200,000 kyats (US $ 180).

Exam results are usually released in the fifth week after the exam, but for the first October exam. The results will be released in the seventh week, according to the Educational Testing Service.
He said that students who have to face the new exam system in October should attend training schools that can effectively guide the experience of the new system.

“I only did self-study. I took the time to study the questionnaires and got good results. The final-year social studies student at the Myanmar Theological Seminary who attended the United States and took the TOEFL test on his own without attending the training school.

He added that the most important thing for those who want to take the TOEFL test is to assess the strength of their own English proficiency and attend a training school that can provide systematic instruction if needed.

More than 30 million people around the world are using the Internet-based Internet Test and Computer Based Test to test English proficiency through the TOEFL test, but CBT and iBT are not yet available in Myanmar due to the lack of 100% electricity and internet conditions required.

Students who want to study for TOEFL exams in higher education abroad. Not only students, but also those who want to apply for work and residence visas abroad, as well as individuals who want to test their English proficiency, are taking the test, according to Education Testing Services. Most of the students are involved, according to the Hla Bu training school.

American Education

The TOEFL is not just about American education. Most Australian schools require an English language proficiency test (IELTS) score, but they accept the test results that change the TOELL score from IEFTS score, so they can apply to these foreign higher education systems with the results of both test scores.

Most American schools require a TOEFL score, but some accept both TOEFL and IELTS. Therefore, it is important to know which system to study and apply to a foreign school. Depends on the students.

Currently, there are a number of training schools in Myanmar. The American Center for the Advancement of American Education. There are two types of TOEFL courses at the American Center: The Basic Course for beginners and the Preparation course for those who want to prepare for the exam.

Therefore, you need to register online for the exam early, and some schools charge a fee. Not only study for the exam, but also registration, exploring examination centers; Time to prepare You also need to be prepared to schedule your response in time for the purpose.

What is TOEFL?

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is an internationally recognized English language proficiency test.

What does the TOEFL test look like?

The TOEFL tests Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking (4 skills) skills.

What is the TOEFL test? What are the benefits?

You will need to take the test to be able to study at a top internationally ranked university. In addition, it helps to get better jobs and salary opportunities.

How long does the TOEFL test take?

Exam time lasts 4 hours.

How long are TOEFL test scores valid?

Exam scores are valid for 2 years.

How many times can I take the TOEFL test?

You can take the TOEFL test indefinitely. It is held 50 times a year. Contact test centers (or Starfish Kaplan directly for test dates).

When do I know my TOEFL scores?

You will find out 2 weeks after the exam.

Can I take the TOEFL test by self-study?

Yes, but with good credit, you might find exactly what you need.

What is the average score for a top-ranked university?

The top ranked universities in the world has an average TOEFL iBT Score of about 80. The requirement for the scholarship is an average TOEFL iBT Score of about 100.

How much is the TOEFL exam fee?

Therefore, The exam fee is around US $ 170.

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