2022 Presentation Tips for Education


Weclick4PDF 2022 Presentation Tips. When presenting to others what you want them to know, in a short period of time, both mentally and physically. Both physically and mentally. We have to use it to present to the audience in an artistic way. How to make it attractive depends on the audience, but the basics are the same. Einstein, the great scientist, said: If you can’t explain it clearly, you don’t understand it very well. ‘ What do you need to know to make a good presentation?

(1) Know your audience (2022 Presentation Tips)

The most important thing is the position of the audience you are talking about. Acceptability; It is important to know the situation. Depending on the audience, you may need to adjust your PowerPoint presentation.

(2) 1-6-6 Rules 

The rule of 1-6-6 Rules is that when preparing a Power Point slide, you should only include the information you want to provide on each slide. There should be a maximum of six bulbs per slide. Bullets or sentences should not contain more than six words. This means that the slide will be full of information. Because I was afraid of using the whole sentence. Instead of typing long sentences, just highlight the key words.

(3) 10-20-30 Rules

Rules 10-20-30 are the number of slides – time – font size. The number of slides is set to 10. After 20 minutes, the maximum memory time for a presentation is set at 20 minutes, as people’s memory declines. The font size should not be less than 30. The main point is to be careful not to add unnecessary slides. Normally, a slide is set for about two minutes. The explanation should be based on the data displayed on the slide, not just reading. You do not have to specify exactly 10 slides. Be careful not to inflate. Due to time constraints on the readings, you may not be able to set 20 minutes, but you should check the number of slides and the amount of time you have available. Font size should not be less than 30 so that you can see the font clearly

(4) Use Bar Chart or Graph

Show bar comparisons with bars or graphs, not figures.

(5) Dark on Light and Light on Dark

In a bright room, dark color fonts are more readable on a light background, but in a dimly lit room, a light color font on a dark background is better. Note that the background and font colors must be different only if they are Dark and Light or Light and Dark.

(6) Dress Smartly

You need to dress neatly as your dress reflects the audience’s interests to some extent.

(7) Smile

Smile It keeps you in touch with the audience and relieves your emotions.

(8) Eye Contact

You need to make a lot of eye contact with the audience in order for the presentation to come to life. Most good presenters make eye contact with at least 95% of the time. Always watch the slide and turn to the audience without turning your back on the audience

(9) Body Language

You do not have to listen to an explanation from a giant toy, so you need to use the most humane body language.

(10) Speak Clearly 

I need to be clear. Speakers need to be careful and speak slowly and regularly. You need to take some time to put your words into the audience’s head, so you need to be clear.

(11) Ask Question Sometimes

Sometimes ask questions to draw the audience to the presentation.

(12) Use Humour

Tell jokes when you have a problem.

(13) Tell Story 

Connect your presentation like a story and make it look like a story.

(14) Practice (2022 Presentation Tips)

Practice is important for a good presentation. With proper training, you can gain more self-confidence. If possible, practice looking at yourself in the mirror. Record and listen again. Fix the weakness.

When presenting, it is interesting to note that the presentation is interesting, even if it is not an interesting topic. The author himself is still trying to be a good presenter and he has to share it so that young people can notice it.

Teaching and Learning (2022 Presentation Tips)

The instructor is also qualified. The learner is fully receptive; Even if the teaching method is correct, the learner will not know more than 10 if the instructor knows 10. Therefore, students cannot stop just because teachers are teaching. The reason for the decline in education in Myanmar is the lack of education. It can be said that the whole learning process depends on teaching alone (Solely Depended on Teaching). Therefore, it is important for students to go through a learning process rather than a learning environment.

The Learning Pyramid

As you can see in the Learning Pyramid, the percentage of effectiveness can be seen as shown in the figure. Discussion Group according to The Learning Pyramid; Practice By Doing and Teaching Others are effective ways to learn, so it is important to follow these approaches as much as possible.

Hard Skills and Softskills

Students must first know what their educational goals or goals are. Just get a degree. It is not just a skill. You need to know the skills that can be taught directly called Hard Skills. You also want them available to answer your questions when you are feeling uncertain about your suit. Languages Computer Medicine Engineering is a hard skill that can be taught directly. But in the outside world, it is difficult to survive just by learning a skill. Soft Skills Ability to work with the organization Leadership; Morale boosting; Problem solving; It is important to learn and plan for time management. It is important for students to know how to prepare Soft Skills in the classroom.

Assessment Methods (2022 Presentation Tips)

You have to dig a ditch to get the water you want. There are five groups to help you work with the organization. Discussion to get practice for Myanmar people who have a weak discussion tradition. According to The Learning Pyramid, presentations to others to make learning more effective; Practice or interview; Assignment to get into the habit of writing reports. Attendance is awarded for class participation. This grading system is an example for undergraduates and will vary by subject. Read research journals to the point where the exam for postgraduates is no longer considered. The focus is on journal writing.

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