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The E-bike of the future

Advertised as “micro-mobility,” this E-bike, called the Nimbus One, can easily navigate the busiest city streets just like a motorcycle. In today’s situation where fuel prices are rising, people use bicycles, E-bikes are also being considered as an option. But bicycles, The only challenge for E-bikes is that it is difficult to travel during the rainy season.

Now, to solve this problem, Nimbus, an American EV company, has introduced a prototype vehicle to produce an E-bike with a roof. His name is Nimbus One. Currently, the Nimbus One is one of the most unique E-bikes on the market, with stylish doors and even more beautiful designs in the future.

At just 91 inches long and 34 inches wide, this E-bike is three times smaller than a compact car, making it more convenient for city parking spaces. The body of the Nimbus One weighs 375 kg and is made of the highest strength steel. In the US market, the Nimbus One is the best choice between a car and a motorcycle.

electric vehicle with three wheels

This electric vehicle with three wheels provides the safety of a small car. It will give you the comfort and pleasure of riding a motorcycle. Thanks to its design and safety features, the Nimbus One can be driven with a regular driver’s license. You will not need to wear a helmet. And because the steering wheel, brake, and accelerator pedals are included, you can drive like a car.

That being said, the Nimbus One is built specifically for city commuting. And according to the company, it’s equipped with a 9-kWh battery pack that will give it a maximum range of 93 miles. This is enough condition to go around the city all day.

The battery only needs to be charged on a Level 2 charger in about an hour and twenty minutes, but at home it only takes about 5 and a half hours. And there are also removable batteries, so you don’t have to worry too much about charging.

The interior of the Nimbus One offers decent cabin space for the driver, with 38.6 inches of headroom and 28.5 inches of shoulder room. And there’s still a bit of space behind the driver for an extra passenger or to store some stuff. In the interior, a display, a fast phone charging system, Bluetooth-connected speakers, power windows, a heating function, and features such as optional climate control are still included.

safety features

And as safety features, frontal collision warning system and frontal airbags are added as well as ISOFIX points for child seats. And as additional features become available, technology and safety will continue to improve in the long run. Nimbus One is lightweight construction, It claims good handling and decent acceleration and control.

On average, it claims to accelerate from 0 to 30 mph in about 3 seconds, and has a city performance of 370MPG. The top speed is only 50 miles per hour, which is more than enough for city driving. Nimbus Balance – a feature, will tilt like a motorcycle during turns.

According to the company, pre-orders for the Nimbus One began in early June and will cost around $9,980 to purchase. But the company has not yet chosen the city where it will start selling. And they will not release this Nimbus One to the whole country at the same time, but from city to city.

We will continue to have sales services to provide strategic support from one place to another. It is expected to be released globally around 2023. The advantages and disadvantages of this Nimbus One. He also said that it is also necessary to prepare in advance to solve the problems. It may arise when actually using it.

It is not easy to get it in Myanmar. But in the future, if this Nimbus One is successfully expanded. We will be able to reduce the use of fuel. And it will certainly be a big help in reducing air pollution in the city. (E-bike)

Tierra K.
Tierra K.
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