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Microsoft Education for World and Scholarship

Weclick4PDF. In this article, we will talk about Microsoft Education in Burma World Education and Scholarship. The fourth wave of the Industrial Revolution, the digital wave, is affecting many areas of the world, including education. Due to the age of education, the digital age has become increasingly important in the education sector in the post-education era. The BettAsia Education Festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was organized by The Voice Weekly.

The festival, held November 15-16 at the Mandarin Oriental, a leading hotel adjacent to Malaysia’s iconic Petronas Tower Brothers, brings together education policymakers from more than 40 countries. Leaders; More than 2,000 experts attended.

BettAsia Education Festival

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the founding of ASEAN, the main theme of the discussion was Global Collaboration in Education. With Microsoft as a technology partner, it is safe to assume that technology will approach the field of education.

In fact, the BettAsia Education Festival is an attempt to bridge the gap between education and technology. It is a forum for exploring how technology can improve education.

According to a Microsoft Asia Digital Transformation Study published by Microsoft at the festival, education leaders in the Asia-Pacific region are in a hurry to catch up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Their organization; Eighty-seven percent said their university needed to be transformed into a digital organization to grow in the future, but only 23 percent said they had a digital strategy in their hands. This means that most people are aware of the digital transition but are not yet ready.

Educational institutions

According to Microsoft, educational institutions in the Asia-Pacific region are facing the following challenges in pursuing the Fourth Industrial Revolution: These five challenges, as they grow older, include cyber-attacks and security; Lack of organizational leadership; Lack of digital quality workforce; Fear of access to your personal data; And an uncertain business environment. Are these problems facing Burma?

Don Carlson, Director of Education at Microsoft Asia Pacific; Propose four strategic pillars for the successful digital transformation of organizations. To work closely with students; Capacity building for teachers and non-teachers; To make good use of existing school resources; Transform learning.

Big challenge to get students

It’s a big challenge to get students to sit back and study. The game is so addictive that if you learn it while playing it, you will have solved the problem. A young Thai gamer known in the Thai gamer world as Uncle P was also seen at the festival. At the invitation of Microsoft, the young man told The Voice that he could speak English fluently while playing the game. In fact, his English is of a high standard.

Learn about the Minecraft Education Edition game, which was developed specifically for Minecraft Education. Math Science History Business; You can study all kinds of music. Microsoft Asia has demonstrated that you can learn how to code computer software while playing Minecraft. Minecraft Education Game has reached two million Licensed Users.

Exhibition showcases technologies

The exhibition showcases technologies that can transform education. Office 365, used daily, is highlighted in a gallery as the closest and most accessible technology for education. Even if you use Office effectively, it will be very useful in education.

I spoke with Don Carlson, Director of Education at Microsoft Asia Pacific. The Voice asked about technology and education and the relationship between Myanmar and Microsoft. “Microsoft has partnered with Myanmar to focus on teacher training,” said Don Carlson.

The Director of Education at Microsoft Asia Pacific praised the White Paper on Education Policy in Myanmar. “I think the Ministry of Education’s White Paper on Education is the best I have ever seen in any country,” he said. Looking ahead. There is a way to go. Really good. “Even other countries should watch.”

Online Law Degree Course 2022

For this course, you have to pass the university entrance exam and get a total of 350 points. Applicants must have a score of 50 or above in English and have a bachelor’s degree other than a law degree.

Application Training will apply through the website should be applied on November 1 to November 20 this year. For more information about the training, please call 01-525146 and 01-537413.

Diploma course in Tourism and Management

The National College of Management has announced that it will open its 11th annual Diploma in Tourism and Management Studies at the College of Student Affairs. The course will last for nine months and the entrance exam will be based on Tourism Knowledge and English. But, you can contact the Student Affairs Department on 01 292566 and the Management / Finance Department on 01 291910 during office hours.

Full-time Master of Arts and Diploma in Foreign Languages Part time training

Yangon University of Foreign Studies (YUFL) Full-time Master’s and Diploma for the 2022-2023 Academic Year The YUFL Student Affairs Department has announced that you may apply for part-time courses.

So, 2-year full-time English language master’s degree program; One-year full-time diploma course; In addition to a two-year full-time Italian course and a two-year part-time course in general linguistics, Chinese, France German Japan Korea There will also be four part-time courses in Russian and Thai.

Therefore, applicants must be from Monday to Friday and must have a BA (Eng.) Degree in English for a Master’s Degree in English. The rest of the time. Student Affairs Department Phone 01 515236 You can inquire at 01 535985 during office hours. Because they are all better than you are, only a small percentage will be ruined by the political situation. I do not want to disappoint you. You really need to prepare yourself. When competing I think it’s more than a problem. Depending on the school you choose, this may happen in your home country. If the school’s interest is in your country, you are a treasure to them. India grew up speaking English at a young age. China is also quite well-trained. When we go to compete with these people, we can not go in normal English.

Given the political climate, is it possible to reduce scholarships to Burma?

DHHW: Significantly, it did not decrease. The amount of scholarships offered to our country is not much on a global scale. Here are just a few of the hundreds of thousands of prizes in other lands. Very little compared. A little by default will not make the political situation worse. But one thing is for sure, if you really want to go out and try to enter, look only at your neighbors.

Tierra K.
Tierra K.
Kamolvattanavith grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, in a conservative household. Her mother was an investor, while her father managed a golf course and factory. Despite the family’s physical closeness, Kamolvattanavith always felt emotionally detached from her parents. “There was distance between us. I didn’t understand them, they didn’t understand me,” she says. “They didn’t believe that women should be as vocal as men or have as much social power as men, and that was something that really bothered me.” More troubling, it was something that played out in Kamolvattanavith’s household quite often. “My opinions and thoughts – anything I was saying – were being repressed because of our differences in views,” the Thai says. “I was the girl with a lot of opinions and a lot of things to say. I was very vocal, especially about my thoughts, even if they went against the grain.” Because of that family dynamic, Kamolvattanavith wanted out. So in middle school, she began plotting a way to study at the next level in the United States. However, there was one thing standing in the way of her ambitions – money. Around the same time that Kamolvattanavith was planning her move to the U.S., her family experienced financial hardship. “We ended up losing a significant amount of money with a business decision [my parents] made, and that was a financial turning point for us,” she recalls. “My parents had to start a new business, because they really had to support the family and carry on this financial burden. They had to start something fresh so they could pay off everything and recover financially.” Still, the young Thai wouldn’t let that stop her. She began to apply to schools on her own and when accepted, the future investigative journalist asked an uncle to help cover the expenses. “I think he was more understanding. He was the most encouraging out of everyone. He saw the value I could gain by leaving home. He also helped convince my parents,” she says.

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