Cars in a Singer’s Life – John Newman


WeClick4pdf. I’ve been crazy about cars since I was six years old. When I was younger, I became more and more acquainted with cars about a friend. That friend had to live with a new guardian after his father died. The guardian was selling short pieces of iron at the end of the road. So you do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

The first car we chose was no longer allowed to ride on the road…. It was sprayed with a lot of paint and the horses danced in the fields. In my small room, I used to draw car sketches and carry small things. That’s why my mother bought me four welding supplies for my 8th birthday. When I read the report paper from my school, I came across a question. “What do you want to happen in the next 10 years?” “I want to open my own garage,” he replied.

I also have a Honda CR80. When I was 16, I used to lift the front wheel with this. Did you get caught by the police for performing stunts? They added up to six offenses to my license to get enough points. Later I moved to Leeds. I lost contact with cars for a while. Shortly after I left my hometown, two of my closest friends died in an accident. I can not drive a car because I do not have a driver’s license. So I focused on making music.

My first car (WeClick4pdf)

But before long, before the age of 22, my desire to drive gradually increased. I was finally able to apply for a license. By then, I had even released an album. It has even reached number three on the UK charts. So I bought a Mercedes E63 AMG. It is very bright. It was my first car.

When I decided it was time to change the car, I bought a BMW M6. It’s crazy. But Mercedes did not feel any more than unique. He also bought a BMW M6 and started collecting more cars. First of all, I bought an AC Cobra style cartoon. There are still four of these cars. The body is beautiful and the Corvette engine is very cool. However, it is considered a car that needs to be put in the garage and decorated.

Did you drive this car once and the engine shaft would fall off? : Now the whole car has been thoroughly replaced with a replacement. I’m not the kind of person who would put cars in a garage and look good. At the same time, he owned a Ferrari California T. At the invitation of Ferrari, I even visited a small town like Maranel in Italy. The Ferrari was the car I dreamed of owning as a child. On the way back, I drove home in that Ferrari. Then I parked next to the house where I grew up. What a beautiful moment.

Ferrari (WeClick4pdf)

Now I swam to Ferrari California for the Ferrari Portofino. There are a few mechanical problems in California. It’s not perfect. The Portofino feels like a completely reliable Ferrari. It takes a Fri time to drive a car. When you get tired of loud noises , ride the Jaguar XJL for a change . This car is a replacement for the BMW M6. For everyday use. Not too long. The Jaguar was replaced by a V8-powered Range Rover Sport. This one is pretty cool too.

My favorite car is the current off-road racing car. From creating a song with DJ Sigala, I became interested in off-road racing. He and I both grew up driving in the fields…. I too had ridden a motorcycle through the woods to carry supplies. So I decided to race with Sigala. (WeClick4pdf)

The Ford Escort race car you rent is really, really fast. So I bought a Subaru Impreza. It was transformed into a off-road racing car with the necessary accessories. Now I really like this car. One of the best feelings in the world is to control a car that screams and runs through the trees.

Finally, let me tell you about three cars that made my childhood dreams come true. The first car was a Ford GT. It was a dream car. It is also true that the car wants crazy. He is so beautiful… The other is the Bugatti Chiron. Really I want to drive a Bugatti in my life. I also want to know what his speed is. The last one is the Ford Capri Mk3. Not the latest luxury car. But a very fresh muscle car. As a child, my mother owned a car.

(John Newman is a British singer-songwriter whose song “Love Me Again”, released in 2013, was the number one hit. The 29-year-old John Newman is obsessed with cars and is familiar with car racing.)

Tesla was launched in China without a camera

Tesla told Chinese consumers that its car was equipped with cameras and would not be activated outside of North America. And the car’s cameras collected and shared with American carmakers’ privacy concerns. The company has installed the world’s top cyber security system to protect users’ personal information, according to autohome.

statement from its Tesla branch in Beijing on Wednesday . “Even in the United States, car owners are free to choose whether to turn on the camera,” he told Weibo in Chinese on Twitter, one of the company’s social media platforms.

Tesla Development

Tesla has developed a technology that automatically uses passenger cars to record video fragments using an in-car camera. The Model 3 and Model Y interior cameras can automatically apply emergency brakes, or automatically before a collision.

So, you can probably share this video with Tesla in this car. According to the influential “Consumer Report” magazine in the United States, the company aims to document drivers to expand its capabilities to other industries. The Chinese military has banned the crash of Tesla and focused on

As a result, the national security, citing the camera of a car entering the building . Also reported by The Wall Street Journal Tesla’s work is being carried out by Washington Walkarwa for employees restricted by the Chinese government and for employees of sensitive state-owned companies.