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A partnership between BMW and Football

Last July, On the 13th, BMW, a world-renowned car brand, officially partnered with the hot Champions League champion Real Madrid. While it’s not unusual for football teams and car brands to partner up, BMW’s partnership with Real Madrid is a pretty big deal. This is because before Real Madrid joined hands with BMW, they had partnered with Audi, an East German car manufacturing company, for 19 years. So now the partnership between BMW and Real is not mentioned in terms of value, but because it is the third largest sponsor.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and BMW’s executive president for Spain and Portugal Manuel Terroba officially announced the agreement in Madrid. Although the duration and value of the contract were not mentioned, the players of the basketball first team, including Real Madrid’s football team (men’s and women’s), BMW’s 100% electric cars will be provided for the coaching staff. The cars expected to be supported are the iX, i4, iX3, i7, and iX1.

The Real Madrid football team (men) who had a successful football season last season won the La Liga Cup, As well as winning the Champions League, Real basketball team also won the Spanish League Cup. It will be interesting to see what kind of success the partnership between Real and BMW will find in the coming season. And if we look at the iX, i4, iX3, i7, iX1 cars that BMW is likely to deliver…


The car, which was launched in 2021, is a five-door mid-size luxury crossover SUV. Transmission is single-speed with fixed ratio and 2x synchronous electric motor. When it started production in 2021, it produced the xDrive40 and xDrive50, and this year only the M60 was produced. The xDrive40 is between 231 and 264 miles after a single charge. The xDrive50 gets between 341 and 391 miles on a single charge. The M60 can go 352 miles on a single charge.


This car was manufactured in 2021. It is a five-door liftback/fastback sedan. The transmission is single-speed with fixed ratio and the battery is high-pressure lithium-ion 83.9 kWh. The i4 eDrive40 can travel up to 301 miles on a single charge; The i4 M50 can go up to 270 miles on a single charge.


This is an SUV that was launched in 2020. Built on the BMW CLAR platform, it can also be said to be a compact luxury crossover SUV. It can go up to 286 miles on a single charge and is not yet available in the US and Canada.


The car was shown together with the seventh generation of the BMW 7 Series, which was produced from 1977. It was unveiled last April and can go up to 300 miles on a single charge. The first electric car in the BMW 7 Series. It must be said that it is a saloon type. And according to reviews, it is said to be the most satisfactory car in the BMW 7 Series.


After more than a decade of the BMW X1, which was first introduced in 2009. And sold 1.9 million units, the third-generation electric BMW iX1 was produced last July. It can go up to 272 miles after a single charge.

The above cars iX, i4, iX3, i7, iX1 are real players, Coaches Employees will get it for free. For world-famous footballers, they often pay a high price for racing cars. However, these kinds of cars are also seen when they visit the training grounds.

There are many such associations between football teams and car brands. Mercedes-Benz and Stuttgart FC, Jeep and Juventus FC, Hyundai and Lyon FC, Volkswagen and Wolfsburg FC, Chevrolet and Manchester United FC, Citroen and Arsenal, Opel and FSV Mainz, Audi and Bayern Munich, MG (Morris Garages) and Liverpool, Volvo and Inter Milan are famously involved.

But currently, BMW is the points champion. He had the opportunity to work with a team like Champions League champion Real Madrid. And according to his popularity, According to the image, it must be said that it is a really good partnership.

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Tierra K.
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