Toyota 5 Continents Drive Project


WeClick4pdf Toyota. In this articles we will talk about Toyota 5 Continents Drive Project.

“How to make a better ‘car’ ?” This is a question that all car manufacturers around the world are trying to answer. The belief of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing is “You can always learn how to build better cars on the streets.”

Is It being also the beginning of the Toyota 5 Continents Drive Project. Toyota launched the project in Australia in 2014. During the project, Toyota employees will work in the Ocean Zone, Africa Europe Vehicles are driven on the roads in a variety of conditions across the Americas and five continents. Until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Toyota employees will gain experience and knowledge that is not available on ordinary test roads, as well as driving on rough road conditions. Toyota’s belief is that ‘roads train people. People build cars. ‘ Faced with many challenges in this project, Toyota’s staff is knowledgeable and knowledgeable. Impossible for them with their skills You will get ideas on how to get through it.

Their hands-on experience will enable Toyota to develop the ‘always-better cars’ capability, and working towards that goal will further develop its human resources. The Asia tour is the final leg of the 5 Continents Drive Project. While driving through this, you will encounter different roads and routes along the way.

Toyota’s team of people from different backgrounds and cultures Different roads to experience along the way. Toyota’s team of people from different backgrounds and cultures Different roads to experience along the way. The team of people from different backgrounds and cultures

They will try to answer the question “How to make a better ‘car’?

Toyota’s main message from this Asia project is ‘we will always build better cars together today and tomorrow’. Together, Toyota’s customers in Asia; Partners; All members and shareholders are involved. This will give Toyota insights into ‘always building better cars’. ‘Today’s solutions’ tailored to local needs: IMV (Innovative International Multi-Purpose Vehicle); QDR (Quality, Durability, Toyota has become increasingly strong in terms of reliability and business networks.

‘Solutions for tomorrow’ Toyota’s firm commitment to future safety technologies, and full confidence. In this project, Toyota is dedicated to the development of the drivers involved in the project and the development of other employees as well as internal / external shareholders.

The members of the driving force can apply their experience and knowledge through in-house reporting. from apps They will be shared in other ways as well. Toyota will be making this project even stronger by giving each employee an ‘always-better’ mentality.

Always-Better Mentality

They will be shared in other ways as well. Toyota will be making this project even stronger by giving each employee an ‘always-better’ mentality. Toyota will be making this project even stronger by giving each employee an ‘always-better’ mentality.

The 5C team will be able to experience driving on Myanmar roads through a hands-on test drive of the Yangon> Nay Pyi Taw> Mandalay road in Myanmar. One thing is for sure, while driving like this, 5C team members will learn how to build a better car that fits Myanmar roads. Toyota has created a motto to refer to this feature. That is

“Feeling the heart of Myanmar.”

To understand the heart of Myanmar, nine vehicles from the 5 Continents Drive Project left Toyota Aye and Sons, along with another convoy, departing at 8:50 am on October 1 with the opening ceremony. They also held an opening ceremony at Toyota Aye and Sons and then visited the Toyota Mingalar.

Smile of Akio Toyoda

One of the nine vehicles on the trip will include a blue Hilux. This is a special car for Toyota 5 Continents. On the blue Hilux window, everyone can see Akio Toyoda, chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation, with the word “smile” and a signature. This is the image or smile of Akio Toyoda that Toyota distributes to customers.

The 5C team arrived at Pit and Go in Shwe Kyar Pin, Nay Pyi Taw on 2 October to inspect the after service and maintenance sector. On October 3, they arrived at GW Lion in Mandalay and successfully closed the closing ceremony. At GWL, Toyota team members met with customers and tried to understand their opinions.

Toyota believes that TMC Gazoo Racing (GR) ‘s 5 Continents Drive Project Mission will provide in-depth knowledge and experience for the potential to produce better vehicles, as well as the essence of the’ Genchi Genbutsu ‘mentality for Toyota employees involved. ‘Genchi Genbutsu’ means ‘self-exploration’. It is a Japanese rule to go directly to the location and situation of a problem in order to solve problems more quickly and effectively.

The Only One Car in the World or Chummer RV

Pyithu Bawa ( Off-roaders are common on rough roads for the holidays. You may also find some Chummer RV Car and old Hummer H2s with temporary roofs and some camping equipment. But it is not easy to find such a car. This is because only the Hummer H2s Class B Motorhome was ever built. It’s been 16 years since the launch of the Chinook Baja H2 Special Edition, now known as the only One Car in the World or Chummer RV in the world.

According to records, this combination is not a Hummer H2. So, the Chummer RV is a GM body built-in 2004 by the Chinook RV with the Hummer H2 head. Its shaft meets RV standards and the engine is a 6.0-liter V8. It has a Rig-Style style with black tires and 19-spoke wheels. It is 5 inches. The engine compartment at the top slides like a hummer.

Even if you go the hard way, you will not have much trouble. The Worn Winch on the front bumper is noticeable due to the suspension that upgrades the RV. There is an emergency kit at the back and a comfortable interior.

The interior features a Power-Folding Leather Sofa, with cherry wood trim around the room. It’s really crazy to have a full kitchen and a bathroom. It can carry up to a 4,000-watt generator, has a heat sink, and is equipped with a central vacuum system for cleaning.

The current owner of the Chummer RV is Mike Johnson. In fact, the Chummer RV was not originally intended for sale. Chinook tycoon and former RV star Gary Lukehart have been dreaming of building such a model since early 2000. Therefore, it was actually built for the 2005 RV Show. Surprisingly, within hours of the show, an unidentified tycoon bought the Chummer RV.

Chummer RV

It’s not easy for current owner Mike Johnson to own the car. Mike Johnson and Gary Lukehart are close friends and one of the driving forces behind Mike Johnson’s desire to own a Chummer RV. The search was not easy.

The Chummer RV was traded by the rich and famous around here. We had to contact the business owners and search step by step.

“As of today, we have driven only 7,000 miles,” he said. I have never even used the bathroom. ”

He said. Mike Johnson and his wife have traveled about 14,000 miles in the past three years and have received a lot of attention.

“We camped in different locations in California and Arizona for about a month, visiting different places. As soon as we stopped, people came closer to look at our car. And we showed the insides. Everywhere we go, people want to see it. For me, who owns a Chummer RV, I think this is fun. “

Four-wheel drive Chinook Bajas are a rarity in the RV world and everyone wants them. Now Mike Johnson is thinking of reselling his Chummer RV. However, there is no set standard for this type of car. It’s a negotiated price between the seller and the buyer.

Mike Johnson is considering selling the car for $ 197,000. Therefore, the 16-year-old Chummer RV certainly has the potential to become a classic car in the future.