National Education Day of NUG and PDF


Weclick4pdf. In this article, I would like to focus on National Education Day of NUG and PDF.

University Education

Today marks the 97th anniversary of the day that the Burmese people protested against the University Act, which restricts university education. The boycott over education was not limited to university education, but nationalism awakened and launched the independence movement.

About a hundred years ago, when National Day originated, it was difficult to get a standard education without going to university. Higher education is usually concentrated in universities. As a result, many Burmese are not allowed to go to university without access to education.

Much has changed today. Higher education, like those at some of the world’s top universities, is available on the Internet, depending on the subject. If you know English, you can learn without sitting down. You do not have to go to those universities. Because there are so many donors, education is no longer dependent on the giver. It depends on the recipient. He who seeks knowledge must get an education. No one wants to look. That’s clear.

In the past, you could only get top education if you could go to university, but today you can access many disciplines with just one click of Google. Desire is the key. As mentioned above, when there is a giver and a seeker, the balance is drawn toward the seeker. Student-centered education Self-education.


Self-education used to be important, but now it’s even more important. ‘I firmly believe that self-education is the only education.’

‘Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.’ Isaac Assimov , a leading professor of biochemistry , said: Whether you go to school or not. Whether you go up or not. Whether you are a teacher or not. Isaac Assimov seems to want to say that whether you study or not, the student is the one who is important.

Self-study does not stop after school. Still learning How much to acquire is a lifetime. Lifelong Education. Many people think that they do not need to be educated anymore. In fact, a PhD opens the door. If you continue to study while working in the workplace, you will be able to apply the new skills you have acquired in the workplace and your work quality will improve. I am a service provider. Customers who buy your product will benefit.


As more and more people in the workplace continue to learn, university education is becoming more connected to the workplace. If university education is not related to the outside world and the workplace, you really do not know. Workplace learning has been included in the university curriculum because it is seen as inappropriate. Schools are becoming more attractive to people in the workplace, as people in the workplace return to school with more experience because they see it as enriching the classroom than those who attend school regularly.

Workplaces are directly related to education. Part of the purpose of education is to get into the workplace. When you become a human being, you have to do one thing or another. Universities; Schools can also be thought of as places to prepare for the workplace.

Workplaces are a kind of classroom. There is so much to learn in the workplace. They learn not only work-related skills but also social skills. Although learning is the same, the difference between the workplace and the classroom is that the workplace is more responsible. There is responsibility. Take responsibility for what you do in the workplace. Responsible Such responsibilities in the classroom There is less accountability. The workplace treats them as colleagues. The classroom will only treat students as students.

National Day

I will return to National Day. National Day, as the name implies, is known as National Day because it stimulates the national spirit. The spirit of one’s country, one’s people can be broadly called the spirit of nationalism. Proud of your country and your people. Encouragement on the part of one’s own people is a national spirit.

A century after the birth of National Day, which began with a demand for education, Burma, despite being a sovereign nation, is far from being aligned with the rest of the world. If you really want to celebrate National Day, you just have to catch up with other countries. The best way to achieve this is through the National Education Day.

The education revolution is the best revolution. The democratic decisions of a country full of people who do not understand or do not understand at all are poor decisions. Realistic decisions can lead to dangerous decisions.

Education, which Burma began to fight about a hundred years ago, has allowed foreign companies to invest in telecommunications. With the rise of democracy and the rise of free speech, Burma has come to the fore. In order to achieve the national goals quickly, we must launch an education revolution in the spirit of National Day. Self-education must also be a priority in the education revolution.

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