The first local education technology company aimed at transforming

Share He has been awarded foreign scholarships for his dedicated education. The first local education technology company aimed at transforming Myanmar’s education system was launched. Here is an interview with Daw Hla Hla Win, Founder and Founder of 360ed, an educational and technology company with 360ed, a successful education and technology company that has even been offered to buy courses in Southeast Asia.

Tell us about your scholarships. (education technology company)

DHHW: At home, I received a scholarship to attend the British Council for a year in General English. While working for ILBC, I was offered a scholarship from the Pre-Collegiate Program to support a $ 5,000 to $ 6,000 scholarships from the school principal. This is the second scholarship. From 2004 to 2008, he was awarded a degree at William Penn University.

Another is the Asia-Pacific Leadership Program in Hawaii. He also received a nine-month scholarship to the program. Through this program, teaching and learning in Asia-Pacific countries. I have a lot of experience working as a Scholarship Consultant at East-west Center. While attending school in Hawaii, he was offered a scholarship to study at Harvard University, where he became envious of many government and political leaders. That same year, I applied immediately. After graduating from Harvard, I applied to NASA to pursue this technology. This is a joint venture between Google and NASA.

How did you decide to pursue this technology after winning so many scholarships? (education technology company)

DHHW: On my return from Hawaii, I continued to work on my education. In 2011-2012, Bard College of the United States brought in colleagues to propose the establishment of the first Liberal Arts College, not for profit, under Thein Sein’s government. Do not do it with a little difficulty in funding.

Teachers from Rangoon University and Mandalay University on the other hand did not give up. Created Teachers Professional Development Programs for Teachers. After running for three years in a row, the program was attended by professors, there are more than 200 teachers.

I know I have to draw all the programs. How much does it cost? The trainers came. And then send it back. The long-term results were small. Even spending three million dollars in all three years is not very effective. What about the low cost? The idea was to use this technology to cover schools across the country. It is good to be able to study abroad. While not yet available, it was decided that the closest thing would be to use technology to learn.

How did you come up with the idea for such an educational technology company? (education technology company)

DHHW: I wanted to start a company after Harvard, so I did a lot of study at Stanford University Science School every Friday, and I did a lot of study there. What I learned there was that students usually go from theory to practice. There, I went to practice first. And then follow the theory. I first thought it would be good to have such a school in Burma. I wanted to do it as soon as I arrived in Burma, but I could not do it immediately due to space constraints. Later, I was lucky enough to find a place to work, so I started studying at the Stanford Design School. First in Yangon There are other places to go.

I started out because I had worked as a teacher at ILBC before. The next time I went to school in the United States, I got a degree. I also taught there. When I returned to Myanmar, I worked as the head of the English department at Myanmar Egress. I gave a lot of teacher training. What I found there was all the theories in the education system in Burma.


For example, CCA knows how to learn and what to say. But it is difficult for them to put it into practice because they cannot see it with their own eyes. What I have seen is regular classrooms, so theories are left in the book. teacher, I do not want to blame the teachers. They have less exposure. In the past, I had to look at it reluctantly.

I was also fortunate enough to attend a teacher development program in Hawaii, including at Harvard, a foreign school. I always had opportunities. In Myanmar, people like me can wash their hands.

More than 500,000 teachers in Myanmar I want teachers to have the same opportunities as me. But on a national scale, it is not possible. How do you take these teachers around international schools? It was a dream come true. Now, through this technology, we are beginning to realize that dream.

Are there any international recognition?

DHHW: Last month I was invited to speak as a Key Note Speaker at ‘Dare to Learn’, an international technology event with over 3,000 participants from over 40 countries and Finland. They are very surprised. In such a small country, it is possible to have such a high-tech passion. They do not even believe it. The company was asked if it was based in the United States.

There is one thing I’m not happy about. We always have to follow. Whatever the technology, From service to basic products, you have to buy from others. So we want to start selling our intellectual property internationally. Let’s start this way.

It is all about students in Burma. Value is now internationally recognized, and neighboring Southeast Asian countries are offering to buy.
Selling outside is the second priority. The first priority is to help student in your home country learn about these great technologies and help them learn.

Why do you think you got so many scholarships? What skills do you think you would have missed if you did not have them?

DHHW: I applied to Columbia University, one of the first educational institutions. But I did not get the scholarship. I applied for another school for my education. I was allowed to enter for the second year. No scholarship available. You need to reconsider how you apply. Which school has the money? You are not the only one who wants to go.

When you look at the culture of the schools, the culture at Harvard is very special. There are many subject schools on its campus, and once you get admission, you can attend all of them. There I applied for a scholarship and got a scholarship. When choosing a school, which school would suit you?