BMW’s heated seats


BMW is starting to sell heated seats as an additional option for $18 a month. This means that the automotive industry is moving into a future full of microtransactions. BMW is now selling subscriptions for heated seats in many countries. As well as adopting microtransactions for the latest advanced features.

The monthly subscription fee for BMW’s front heated seats is roughly $18. It’s set at $180 for one year, $300 for three years, and $415 for unlimited access. Although it is not known exactly when such subscription offers started, it is said that it will be sold in several stores in South Korea this week.

As for BMW, it is believed to have deliberately left some features in the car since 2020 to sell it again. For seats in the UK, Germany It will also be available for purchase in BMW’s digital stores in several countries, including New Zealand and South Africa. However, in the United States, this has not yet been considered an option. BMW has not released any details on the release, nor is it known in which countries it will be sold.

However, this news is not very surprising. Because the company, since 2020, their operating system. Ever since it announced that automatic high beams and adaptive cruise control would be allowed with microtransactions. The users have criticized the move as greedy and exploitative. Although automakers have always charged consumers more for high-performance features, software can’t go beyond the hardware in a car.

Buyers don’t like having to pay extra for heated seats like this. And think it’s more appropriate for automakers to list and charge extra for features like automated traffic camera alerts. It can lead to extra costs.

BMW’s additional subscription

BMW’s additional subscription-based features are available on the company’s UK digital store, with a heated steering wheel starting at $12 a month. It costs $235 (unlimited) to use the option to record video from the dashcam. And the “IconicSounds Sport package, ” will cost $117 a time. However, since the hardware for such heated seats is already installed during production. They are hoping to install it once instead of having to purchase a subscription for such heated seats at no additional cost.