Problems with Toyota Wish – Question and Answer


This time, we will describe the problems related to Toyota Wish, a family car. Problems with Toyota Wish

Q – My Toyota Wish is very difficult to hold the steering wheel. It’s not easy to turn. Give me some advice.
Answer – Check the car’s power steering oil level. If it’s low, refill the corresponding oil until it reaches the specified level. Then remember that level. If the level drops too fast, it’s because there is an oil leak. Find and patch. Another possibility is that the power steering pump is not working properly.

Q – When installing a car alarm on a Toyota Wish (2007 model), I would like to know the color of the wires and how to connect which wires. Give me some advice.

Answer – Car alarms are the most common problem in cars. The most problematic things. Even the factory-installed alarms have various problems, so many experts do not recommend installing the car alarm yourself. Even if you want to install it, you should consult with a professional electrician before installing it.

Q – I want to install a turbocharger on my Wish (2010 model), is that ok? Is it bad? I want to know if it is possible or not. If so, I would like to know how to install it better.
Answer – Not good. Shouldn’t wear it. The Wish engine is not a turbo-ready engine, so a turbocharger will not work well. If you absolutely want to install it, you have to remove the entire engine and readjust the position to accept the turbo. start shooting Crayfish, Shooting Rod It’s just the start hat and so on. At that time, the exhaust system will have to be changed to a new compatible one. It is best to use the factory version. Problems with Toyota Wish

Q – My Wish Air-con works fine when I’m driving, but when I stop the car, the engine will run but the air-con won’t cool. The cold gradually subsides. When I started driving the car again, it started to cool down normally. What is the problem?
Answer – There are 2 fans in front of the car. One of them will probably stop working. One of those 2 fans cools the radiator and the other one cools the A/C Condenser. The air-con cooling fan may not be working.

Q – My car is Toyota Wish (2009 model). The current problem is that the car’s A/C pipe freezes and stops the fan for a long time. How does it happen?
Answer – Evaporator under the dashboard of the car has a temperature sensor similar to the thermometer in rice cookers. That sensor is to adjust the refrigerant flowing in the pipe. If the sensor is far away from the pipeline, the sensor will assume that the car is still hot and will continuously send refrigerant, which will cause the pipeline to freeze over time. Check that censor again.

Q – When I replaced all 4 engine mounts on my car, a buzzing sound came from the car when I started the car. It happens every time I open the car key. It stopped only when the engine started. What’s going on? Problems with Toyota Wish

A – This noise is because there is a problem with the wiring. The sound may be coming from the YUPITERU VE-E26 box under the steering wheel. If you haven’t reinserted the software card that disabled the sound, the sound may come out.

Q – The check engine light is on on my 2010 Toyota Wish. The VSC Off light is blinking. I scanned it with the computer and reset everything. It was fine for a while, but after a few days these lights came back on. What is the problem?
A – This problem is usually a common problem after changing the car’s battery. An easy way to fix it is to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery and reconnect it after about 30 seconds. Then the lights will turn off.

Q – When I’m driving my Wish, when I shift from 1st to 2nd gear it’s not very smooth. Is this normal? I would like to know if there is any problem.
A – For the Wish, when the car is accelerating or decelerating, it is normal if the vibration is not too severe. It usually happens. If it’s too rough, it’s because there’s a fault in the gearbox.