The Highest Price of a New iPhone


The new iPhone is sold at a price of $799 in the United States, but in some countries, people are paying more than twice the officially announced price. If you buy the latest iPhone 14 from Apple, the world’s most expensive phone maker, you need to spend a minimum of $799 and a maximum of $1,600. In Turkey, the price of new iPhones is to be more than 2 times the price officially announced by Apple. An iPhone 14 is starting to be sold from as low as $1,699 (almost 60,000,000 Myanmar kyats).

In the United States, the iPhone model will cost $799. 9to5Mac cited Nukeni, a website that compares the prices of tech gadgets around the world. Nukeni compares iPhone 14 prices in 37 countries by model and memory size. In this comparison, the Turkish market is the iPhone 14 model in terms of models. It is said to be the most expensive country in terms of memory size.

Previously, Brazil was the most expensive country for iPhones. Since the price of the iPhone sold in Brazil was the most expensive in the world, this year, Turkey set the record as the most expensive iPhone 14 country. For example, in Turkey, a new 128GB model iPhone 14 Pro costs 2194 dollars (more than 7500,000 Burmese money at the current price of Burmese money). In the US market, the new 128 GB model iPhone 14 Pro priced at $999 (around 3500,000 MYR).

The iPhone 14 Pro Max with the highest 1TB storage costs $1,599 (over 55,000 Myanmar Kyats) in the United States, and it costs up to $3,366 (around 110,000 Myanmar Kyats) in Turkey. These prices are not unusual for Turkish citizens. This is because Turkey has long levied taxes on high-value electronic products at over 100% of the original price.

Turkey is facing a serious economic crisis, with inflation exceeding 80% for the first time in more than 20 years. In 2021, Apple stopped selling products in Turkey due to high financial instability. At the time, inflation in Turkey’s local currency fell 15% against the dollar within hours. When Apple products were re-sold in Turkey, Apple raised the price by 25%.

After Turkey, Brazil is the second most expensive country in the iPhone market. In Brazil, a 128GB model iPhone 14 Pro should cost 1,823.19 dollars (around 6400,000 MYR). India is among the countries that are paying exorbitant prices for iPhone 14. Hungary and Poland also included. If you want to buy the new iPhone 14 Pro at the cheapest price, you can buy it from the United States and Japan.

In the United States, the iPhone 14 Pro (128GB model) costs $999 (tax excluded). In Japan it costs $1,039.46 (about 3600,000 MYR). The lowest price base model, 128GB iPhone 14, with SIM-free price sold. The price of 829 dollars (around 29 million Myanmar Kyats) in the United States. The price of 831.29 dollars (more than 29 million Myanmar Kyats) in Japan.