Manual Transmission Gear About


What is the Manual Transmission Gear About? The hub between the engine and the gearbox transmits torque from the engine flywheel to the drive wheel via the gearbox. Every time the gear is changed, the engine and the gearbox are disconnected. In the club plate, the fiber plate (2) is pressed by Revit and pressed by the pressure plate to create friction between the fiber plate surface and the flywheel surface.

When the driver steps on the club pedal, the hydraulic oil (brake oil) from the upper club reaches the lower club under pressure and pushes the club. As the putter pushes the clubhead, the clubhead continues to push the clubball. Clubball force applied to the club fingers reduces spring pressure. Then the club plate becomes free and the engine and gearbox are disconnected.

If the gearbox becomes free, the driver can easily shift gears. After the gear is engaged, if the club pedal is gradually released, the engine flywheel and the club plate will engage and become in line with the gearbox. So, with the gearbox wedge shaft pressed into the club plate core, the club plate torque will reach the gearbox. However, The club plate is between the flywheel mirror plate and the pressure plate, and the spring pressure is applied, resulting in friction and the engine can rotate.

So, the engine oil between the club plate surface, grease If some kind of lubricant such as gear wine is present, the friction force will decrease and the club spin will decrease and the club will slip.

Common club problems (Manual Transmission Gear About)

clubbing Difficulty in gearing; club jumping shaking When you step on the club pedal, a unique sound is produced; clubbing Putting more effort than normal club pedals. soft club; Club pedals (2) (3) to be able to engage the gear from the pedal; If you release the club, the car crashes; Can’t shift gears even though the club is pedaled; club slips and can’t get uphill; club odor coming out, clubbing Can’t keep the club down. The position of the club is when the club foot is near the top of the club foot.

If the club is bad, it will interfere with the driver. Every time you change gears, it is annoying. It is difficult to maintain the vehicle and it can be dangerous.

Other common problems (Manual Transmission Gear About)

The club housing is installed on the fly wheel slot Muli (Bolt) pillars are loose; Loose Bolt & Nut between engine and gearbox flange plate; Poor intersection of the club and the shaft; Bad meeting on the club; Problems such as lack of oil in the club oil pipeline are weaknesses.

If the club plate falls

Check all possible bugs and fix them. Replace it. club plate When installing clubs, make sure the alignment is correct. What’s new in the club? Therefore, check the club oil line, hose. If it’s bad, it’s new. If the gearbox slot drive shaft and engine drive shaft are broken, they tend to vibrate. The line is often irregular. After re-installing all the equipment, it’s time to go back to the club. Add new brake fluid and bleed the hydraulic oil line to ensure there is no air remaining. If the air is completely gone, the club distance must be set. Can’t stay stuck. So, there must be some leeway left between the clubs.