What to do if the car is flooded?


What to do if the car is flooded?

1. Check how deep your car is flooded

if it’s no more than the bottom of the door, go to #4. If the front bumper is covered in water, wait until the water recedes. Then check the air filter. If there is water in the air filter, tow the car to the nearest car repair shop. 

2. Do not attempt to start the engine

if you accidentally get water in the engine, it will damage the engine beyond repair when you start the engine. Best to have a professional mechanic check it out.

3. Check the engine oil

If you see water on the engine oil dipstick (or if the oil level is high), this is a sign of water in the engine oil cup. Do not turn on the machine at all (at all). Tow the car to the nearest garage and blow out all the engine oil. Then engine wine cup, plug etc. must be cleaned and no water remains in the engine.

4. Check the gear oil

Just like checking the engine oil, check the oil dipstick for water. Some gearboxes do not have a rod to measure the gear wheel. If your car has such a gearbox, do not engage the gear at all (at all) without starting the ignition, and take the car to the nearest car repair shop.

5. Check the steering

Cars with EPS (electronic power steering) are a common problem. Because it is made into a power steering using an electric motor, the steering box (known as the steering gun) is damaged if it gets in the water. In the case of power steering that uses ordinary hydraulic oil, if water seeps into the steering gun, the bars inside are often damaged. So, if the steering wheel of your car is small, don’t worry.

6. Check the electrical system

As a driver, you don’t know the details of the electrical system. But the rope breaks, You have to check if there are loose strings. headlights, Car that aircon, door jack Check interior lights etc. If you suspect something, go to a regular car workshop and have it checked.

Therefore, there are many problems that can occur if the car is flooded. Even if it sinks to the bottom of the side door, there is little danger. Repair costs The time of putting the watt-hour The losses are quite large. Therefore, car users should not drive their cars through water unnecessarily. Do not park your car while it is raining on a road that is prone to flooding. You can use the car without damage in the rain.