Tips on Oil Filter


Tips on Oil Filter

The engine oil that will enter the engine from the oil pump is cleaned by the oil filter. It cleans. All the time, the engine windings running up and down inside the engine are metal particles released from the explosion due to the front engine explosion. Chemical impurities, There are carbon powders. The dirt and particles will be filtered by the filter.

In particular, an oil filter is added inside the filter. He will perform the most important test. It is called Filter Media and it depends on the company that produces it, and the thickness of the Filter Media. It’s different. The thinnest ones are the filters that are only paper, and they are not used for a long time. This section is made up of fibers, It is made from a combination of three main ingredients: neon fiber and cellulose. Its filter can filter out dirt as small as 10 microns. 1 micron is about 1/4th of an inch. The oil filter can filter up to 10 microns.

It is true that the oil filter installed by the original car manufacturer can filter up to 10 microns. But the oil filters from aftermarket manufacturers are not as good as this filter level and will not last long. The size of dirt that is usually found in engine oil is between 25 microns and 35 microns, so replacement oil filters may be convenient for a while, but should not be used long term.

Oil Filter Maintenance

Therefore, regular check-ups, You should do an exchange. If you want to check if your oil filter is good/bad, just check the weight. An oil filter can filter impurities, If the oil filter is 2 to 3 times heavier than a new one due to maintenance, you should not continue to use it (Tips on Oil Filter). You should use new oil filter.