Coating your car


Coating your car. Some people think of coating as an extra expense. In fact, the engine part of a car interior And it’s really important to look beautiful and shiny. If the engine is bad, they don’t bother to fix it. For the interior, some do not hesitate to spend money.

But because it is for applying coating for the exterior, some people are hesitant. They don’t see much need. In fact, coating is really important. The benefits you will get back from the money you will incur due to coating your expensive car are truly worth it.

Coating is not just about making your car clean and shiny. It also prevents long-term side effects that may affect the medicine. If the car paint is damaged, repairing it will cost more than applying the coating.

In other words, the benefits that can be obtained from applying the coating are that the car’s paint is shiny, dirty Being able to protect paint spots that are often caused by bird droppings for a period of time, It is easy to clean even though it is dirty.

In the rainy season, it can provide considerable protection against the effects of Ray-Joe. Being able to bear moderate scratches, Protecting against ultraviolet rays; Do not put water on the car body. Coating and no need to re-polish during the warranty period. Due to these advantages, the car wash is thinner.

So, it takes two days to apply the coating. I have to pay for three days. And depending on the paint used by the coating shops, there may be price changes. We, as Redline Media, visited the System X Myanmar shop to learn about coating. I had the opportunity to learn about the coating steps and the paints used in that shop.

If you are going to apply the main coating, the most important thing is to wash it. Normally, they think it’s easy, but before applying the coating, the mud that sticks to the car, dirt, It is very important to wash the sand particles clean. After that, the tar that does not wash off with water, The small iron particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye can be cleaned with care.

If you don’t pay attention to this, it may not be smooth when applying the coating. After that, it is rust removal with Compound paint. There, compound medicine is not the same from one shop to another. After removing the rust, I will apply polish and color. After applying polish and color and waiting for some time, the car washed again with water.

Then I sprayed the whole car with oil-free glass clear and then waited about fifteen minutes for the glass clear to dry. After that, the last step is Coating I will post it. If you want to apply coating, you can choose the paint you want to apply. Here too, each shop will not be the same. In System X Myanmar, which we went to study, we know that there will be four types of drugs to choose from.