About the cars that Arnold talks about


weclick4pdf cars. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Hollywood actor, does not appear to be a car enthusiast, nor has he ever expressed his love for cars. However, upon arriving in London, I came across Topgear.com and learned about Arnaud ‘s true attitude toward cars. Arnold has recently released a new movie Terminator: Dark Fade Promotion I arrived to London.

As he listened to Arnaud speak in a grand hotel room in London, he realized that he was a true car enthusiast. His attitude toward cars is completely different from that of today’s youth. ” I had no intention of getting involved with cars, ” he said. But that’s how I fell in love. It may be because I still consider myself a cardinal,” he said with a laugh.

Afterwards, Arnaud recounted his childhood experiences in his native Austria about how he fell in love with cars. “After World War II, Austrian troops occupied Austria. Tanks British soldiers entered in trucks. We used to drive past the farmhouse. I grew up watching military trucks.

The soldiers called our group of children to get in the car and gave them candy. It’s very sweet. I think I was obsessed with that. That’s why when I was 18 I wanted to be a tank driver in the war. I was also obsessed with trucks. That’s why I rode Hummer …. He also bought military vehicles such as the Pinzgauer and Unimog.

As we all know, Arnaud is a man who has repeatedly earned his degree in the universe. Hollywood movie star Former Governor of California…. What was the first car he owned? “My first car was an old German-made Opel Kadett. I bought it in Munich when I was 18 years old. ‘S rusted holes in the body…. At that time, I could not take care of that. Even this car had to pay 1,300 German kyats. That’s how I got started owning a car. ”

What is one of the most memorable moments of Arnaud’s heart when it comes to the rusty Opel wreckage? A young man drifting uncontrollably? With laughter, Arnaud said: “All I can remember about this car is the noise. I did not dare to sit and drive for a long time. I had to hold on to the steering wheel so that I would not fall off the seat. Inside, all the toys are gone. It takes about six hours by car to visit my parents in Austria. “Fortunately, the whole car did not come off.”

But what happened to that Opel when Arnaud was successful? The United States is a very promising place. At least for the cars that will come into Arnaud’s life. About cars bought in the United States, Arnold said Regular Beetle type. Then there is the BMW 1600. I also bought a Mercedes 450 SE. The more money you make, the better. The bigger the car. Later I bought a Mercedes with 6.3 L and 6.9 L engines. I also bought an open-top Cadillac. “It’s like a 1957 Cadillac convertible.”

When asked by Top Gear what would happen to the cars currently parked in Arnold’s garage, Arnold said: “I have an electric hummer, there is a G-Wagen electric car. Always using GMC Yukon. In the garage at the airport, there are two bi- fuel hummers; There is also a hydrogen-powered hummer. More Hummer coming aboard Excalibur, here there are the flower bouquet. Ford Company Station Wagon aboard the three-year ”.

Arnold’s height Only the Hummer and the Station Wagon seem to fit together because of Arnold’s full muscle and full body proportions. But that is not the reason Arnaud chose big cars. In fact, Arnaud also has a Bugatti Veyron Grand. But he sees these cars as a mess for him.

“The more expensive and technologically advanced cars we have, the better,” he said. I think the crazier it is to buy such cars. I have no regrets about buying this car. But in those three years, I only had to drive 1,200 miles. In fact, it’s almost non-existent, “said Arnaud.

According to Arnold about his place in the room but 3. You can park your car in the garages of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, and there is also a convenient restaurant. Arnaud’s about parking lots for low-end cars like the Bugatti

“Finding a parking space can be a daunting task,” he said. “Especially for Bugatti that needs a flat surface.” So is it a mistake to buy a Bugatti that young people love? Arnaud smiled for a moment “It simply came to our notice then. In my opinion, owning a car is basically a lot more fun. “It’s even more relaxed.”

Arnold pointed to the black GMC Yukon that he drove in the snow every day and said, “It’s so fun to drive. ” I also like the Excalibur open-top cars.” “I like to drive imaginatively,” said Arnaud. If you are close to the city, you have to ask someone else to drive. If you have to travel long distances, you can drive calmly. “You can expand your horizons while driving.”

“Is the future of cars electric? It is not yet clear whether it is hydrogen energy. In fact, electric power still emits about half the emissions of current engines. “Hydrogen energy is the only true zero emission.”  Arnold had a conversation with former Daimler chairman Dieter Zetsche at the Detroit Motor Show last week. Introducing the new G-Wagen brand car from Mercedes. There, Arnaud could not understand why a big company like Mercedes did not produce large electric cars. About his views.

“The G-Wagen is one of Mercedes ‘ potential products,” he said. It is also acceptable to produce electric cars that are more powerful and less polluting. But they did not. I transferred my G-Wagen to an Austrian company, Kresel, and converted it into an electric car. The battery they provide is capable of producing 500 hp. I would not use that much energy. At 500 hp, you can only fly in the air,” Arnaud laughed.

Arnaud was surprised that an Austrian company with only 40 employees was able to convert the electric engine to G-Wagen, but Mercedes did not. However, in meeting with Top Gear, I was able to see the Terminator ‘s love for cars. The good news is that Terminator: Dark Fate is currently showing in theaters around the world.