Petrol Engine Vs Diesel Engine Car


Good engine, Burmese real people to see

Petrol Engine Vs Diesel Engine Car. Before talking about the merits and demerits of gasoline engine and diesel engine, I will give an example. If a gasoline engine and a diesel engine are a horse. The gasoline engine is as compact as a racehorse. light will be quick I will be active.

A diesel engine is slow like a workhorse used to transport goods. will be strong Better endurance. This is a rough generalization.

Advantages of gasoline engine (A) (Petrol Engine Vs Diesel Engine Car)

1. Inexpensive –  Compared to diesel engines, the type of car Even if the engine power is the same, a gasoline car is cheaper. Even if the engine is replaced, some cars don’t have much price.

2. Less noise and vibration –  In a gasoline car, the spark plug works for the combustion process in the engine, which is a regular combustion process (regular combustion) and does not require large pressure processes, so the noise and engine vibration is significantly less than that of a diesel car. That’s why gasoline engines are used in most luxury cars.

3. High speed operation and good power –  Due to the nature of gasoline and regular combustion process, gasoline engine has more stable combustion and high speed capacity production than diesel engine.

Advantages of gasoline engine (B) 

4. Ease of repair; Cheaper spare parts –  Petrol engines are generally easier to maintain than diesel engines; It can be said that spare parts are cheaper.

5. Light weight of the engine body  – Because the gasoline engine does not need high pressure performance inside the engine like the diesel engine, it can be built in a light and compact design without having to build a large pressure resistance, so the price is low and the engine is light and compact. It is usually made of cast iron, but now it is made of aluminum, making it lighter.

6. Lower engine temperatures  – Gasoline burns easily in gasoline engines, requiring only the normal combustion process and not creating high temperatures inside the engine like diesel engines. So the temperature is lower. Another thing is that it is easy to heat up like aluminum. Because the engine can be built using alloys that release heat easily. The engine temperature is lower than that of a diesel engine. Easy ignition in cold climates as it does not require high temperatures.

Disadvantages of gasoline engines (Petrol Engine Vs Diesel Engine Car)

1. Shorter engine life  – encouraging high-speed power operations in gasoline engines; Due to the fact that gasoline itself has a good combustion and explosion, the engine life is faster than that of a diesel engine.

2. Price drop in the resale market  – According to the global market situation, the gasoline engine has a short engine life, so the price of the resale value of used cars may drop.

3. More fuel consumption  – It is generally known that a petrol engine consumes more fuel. The reason is that gasoline engines use more fuel because the CR (compression ratio) of the engine is low when the engine is working.

4. Many Spark Plug Problems –  Gasoline engines use spark plugs to ignite and explode. If the oil is not clean, the plug can easily be damaged. And the engine’s performance decreases, and plug problems often have to be solved.

5. Too many torque changes –  When struggling to carry heavy loads, the engine’s torque changes too much, so smoothness is not good. The above points are the rough advantages of a gasoline engine. Weaknesses.