Ford F-150 Lightning recalled for safety reasons


Do you want to know Ford F-150 Lightning recalled for safety reasons? Ford company last 2022 The F-150 Lightning, which began production in April, has been issued a recall. The release includes 2,666 vehicles in the United States and 220 in Canada. The reason for issuing the recall was for safety reasons, particularly for vehicles equipped with 20-inch or 22-inch tires. Because of the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

This is because the (TPMS) light does not light up properly, giving users an adequate warning in low tire pressure situations. The source of the problem was that the recommended cold tire inflation pressure value in the Body Control Module (BCM) was incorrectly set to 42 psi instead of the normal inflation pressure of 35 psi. That’s why his warning only kicks in after he’s lost 7 pounds. But the 18-inch tires will not be recalled. This savings only applies to 20-inch and 22-inch tires.

Ford has also said that it affects driving and safety as a car with low tire pressure.

“In situations where the tire pressure is low, handling is more difficult and control is not comfortable. Ford has put a label on the front of the driver’s door about the tire pressure so that customers can check if the tire pressure is correct.”

He said.

Official notification of the recall to dealers began yesterday (June 27), and customers will be notified via email and the FordPass mobile app today (June 28). The Body Control Module software will be updated for the cars that have not yet been sold at dealers. And the duration of the update will only last about 20 minutes. Ford will make the fix available to all current F-150 Lightning customers within 30 days via a Ford “Power-Up” software update. There have been no accidents or injuries related to the current situation.

Ford F-150 Lightning is very good car.