Common problems of Honda Insight


We will describe the common problems with the Honda Insight, a hybrid car that is popular locally and has good fuel economy.

Q – My Insight Hybrid is making a lot of noise from the exhaust. I would like to know why these sounds are coming out.

A – While other hybrids are relatively quiet, the Honda Insight is not noticeably quieter. This is the driver’s view. To meet the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) rating, Honda reduced the weight of their hybrid car as much as possible. The inclusion of insulation material, which is usually used to protect the sound, has also been reduced.

So the exhaust sound in this hybrid car is more noisy than other cars. But if you look at it together with the low fuel consumption, this problem is not enough.

Q – When I drive a Honda insight for a while, the IMA light comes on on the dashboard. If you continue to drive, the battery charging light will come on. At that time, the car can no longer drive. I would like to know what the problem is.

Answer: This problem may be caused by the failure of the hybrid battery control system (Hybrid Battery Computer Control Module IMA ECU Unit) in the rear compartment of the car. Check that unit. If the wires are broken, they must be replaced.

IMA stands for (Integrated Motor Assist system), and cars with this system have a fan to control the temperature of the battery control module. If this fan stops working and the temperature of the Battery Control Module rises, the IMA will stop working. So you should check the wiring of the fan.

Q – My car is Honda Insight (2009 Model). The current problem is that the HMFF and Spanner warning lights are on in the middle of the speedometer. What is the problem?

A – Disconnect the battery for 5 minutes. dimming, Check that it is not faded. The Spanner symbol is a warning to spill oil.

Wines that stored for a certain period of time can cause corrosion, which lead to higher costs later on. Use only Honda’s CVTF (CVT Fluid).

Q – The car’s battery light is on, but the dashboard lights are flashing. The car does not wake up. What’s going on?

Answer – Check the car’s battery and alternator again. Because in this case, when the battery is working, the power will go to the Alternator only once.

If the alternator can’t produce as much electricity as needed, the battery will lose power and eventually die. So check Alternator good/bad first.

Q – In my Insight (2011 Model), the engine keeps stalling every time I turn on the key. Brake Check massage shown. But the brake fluid is below Maximun, but not the minimum condition.

A – The most likely thing is a dead battery. Another possibility is that the starter motor may be loose. Also check the battery terminals for sure. You can wake up the car with Jump Start. It could also be a problem with the starter relay.