Affiliate Marketing and Blogging Business


Affiliate marketing is actually similar to commission . This is how he works .. Suppose you have a website. Let’s say that website appears at the top if you search for a keyword on Google. So, you can earn a commission by posting and selling relevant products on your website.

For example – If you search for Android Apps on Google , suppose your website appears at the top . . Just put a link from Apps Developers on your website . . Users will search for Android Apps on Google . . I will come to your website . . Click the link provided through this and go to the seller’s website will go to . I will buy an application because he likes it there . . Then, since it came through your website , we can give you a commission … The commission is not less . . If your website is a website with a lot of space in Google and the seller is a new developer , you can get up to 70% . . 100 If you sell it for 70 , he will pay 30 . .

When I say this, is affiliate marketing easy? Don’t think that you have money . Getting to the top of Google is not an easy task . Difficult keywords like Android Apps are worse . . If you have such a website , then AM is the easiest way to make more money. So, Affiliate Marketing The sites that connect bloggers with those who want to advertise.

Other Blogging Business Ideas

There are other ideas besides affiliate marketing.

(1)  Google Adsense & other ad networks

(2)  Direct Selling Ads

(3)  Copy Writing (Product Reviews)

(4)  Writing Ebooks and Selling them

(1)  Google Adsense & other ad networks

Google Adsense is the easiest way to earn money by writing a blog. All you have to do is create a blog. Open an Adsense account; Blog posts, Add Adsense code, Get money, that’s all..

But, this is a big but.. Doing Google Adsense is not easy at all.. Bloggers from India and Pakistan cheated so much by using Auto Click that Google did not open Adsense easily.

Therefore, Besides Google Adsense, other alternatives are,,, etc. In Myanmar, there are MogokeAd, AdInnwa, iMyanmarAds, etc.

(2)  Direct Selling Ads

That’s clear.. If your website/blog has a lot of people, you can add advertisements for related products to your website. A reasonable fee can be charged for this.

(3)  Product Reviews

However, some famous blogs such as Tech Crunch, Cnet, The Next Web and other websites often write reviews when companies release new products. So the companies have to pay them. So, some popular websites even pay millions of dollars for a review. Here, there are companies requesting to write product reviews on websites like Myanmar Mobile App. I don’t know how much the fee is.

(4)  Writing Ebooks and Selling them

For those who love to write, you can write your own book and sell it for a fee. At the very least, we have to exchange mail and resell marketing when there are more mails. So, you can do marketing of your own product.

Therefore, these are affiliate marketing and blog business ideas that have been searched as far as possible. If I remember anything else, I will add it to this post. You can read everything.